Our activity:

— We invest in special projects and promising ideas related to technologies and renewable energy
— We use a socially responsible approach (responsible investments)
— We can provide consulting services on the implementation of the transaction and project management

Our team:

The team of Bengala Investment is small and consists of only five people. Each member of the team
is a competent and experienced specialist, well versed in the intricacies of high-tech projects.

Alexey Buyanov
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GraduationfromtheMoscow Institute for the Physics and Technology specializing in applied mathematics and physics / Oxford Fintech Programme by Said Business School University of Oxford.

Michael Ernzerhof
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1986—1989 Training as Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant 1985—1986 Compulsory Military Service 1978—1985 High School 1973—1978 Primary School

Olga Lomakina-Lorentz
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2018 — Courses Drafting of agreements  - University of Geneva 2015 — Courses Compliance – M2 - IFBL 2015 — Courses Compliance– M1 - IFBL 2014/2015 — Luxembourg Taxation Cycle B — Courses Luxembourg (Chambre de Commerce)